Radical Faeries of Australia

Visitor Information


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Welcome to our Radical Faerie community. The purpose of this information is to introduce you to how the community works and allow you to feel part of what is happening here. Please don’t hesitate to ask any of the residents when residents or longer-term visitors any questions you may have when you arrive. We want you to feel welcome and be as much a part of this community as you can!

Where to Sleep:

We encourage visitors to set up their tent if they have one as we have limited indoor space. Ask a resident about camping areas. When camping we ask that no fire pits are set in the camping areas or outdoor fires of any sort. Please leave camping areas as you found them. There are indoor sleeping spaces in the main house, the tree hut, the two caravans, the roost, Teacosy’s house and the piggery. Check with a resident about availability of these spaces. We have a number of spare mattresses available plus extra linen and blankets.

Meals & Shopping:

Generally, we help ourselves for breakfast and lunch. We all share a vegetararian dinner together in the evening. A 15 minute dinner bell is rung and another just before serving. Before eating we hold hands to connect with each other in silence. If you have special dietary needs let us know in advance. Add things to the shopping list if it you notice it has run out. If you are going out and feel like shopping, ask if we need anything.

Helping Out:

While staying here at the community we ask you to help out with the day to day chores including helping to prepare a meal. There are always jobs needing to be done around the community. Some tasks require guidance, other can be done independently. The list of projects and the information about the job will let you know what needs doing, where the tools are, if the job requires assistance and who would be the best person to ask about it and/or work with. We are not all about work but helping out doing things that are needed raises the energy and makes the community a happening place.


There is an indoor and outdoor shower. Both have hot water. At all times we ask you to minimise your use of water and use the liquid soap provided as this is friendly for our grey water system & the gardens where it ends up. There is a large solar hot water system that works well in fine weather but during periods without sun our hot water may cool down and the power switched on.


We ask $10 /$20 per day (waged/unwaged) to cover food and running costs of the sanctuary. This is a minimal amount and any extra donation would help towards improving the facilities. Your $ can be left in the large pink jar at the beginning of your stay. If you use the phone please write ALL calls down in the phone log and leave the money in the jar after each call. Please pay for your calls as you make them. If using the computer leave the dosh in the separate computer jar. Ask a resident for help to connect.


All our water is from the one Spring– fresh, clear and excellent for drinking. There is a filtered tap at the kitchen sink.  Please ensure taps are turned off in the house and gardens. Let us know if you see a leak.


The main composting  toilet is located on the left hand side heading down toward the cow bales  from the main house. There is both a squat toilet and a seat cubicle.  Sprinkle sawdust in the hole after use. We ask you not to wee in the toilet if possible. There is a wee bottle in the toilet that can be emptied in the small hand basin next to the basin where you wash your hands.  When weeing please go well away from the buildings and paths – at least 3 metres.  Our fabulous composting toilet is happy the less wee it sees – which means it smells sweet, instead of putrid! 

Meetings/ Community Sharings:

Every Thursday we have a meeting, alternating each week with a family meeting about running the community and a community sharing the other week. The family meetings are about projects that are happening, announcements, events, money matters, visitors, etc. It is a good opportunity to share your intentions of staying for an extended visit. The community sharing is an opportunity to get to know each other, give value to each of our experiences and enter our hearts space as a group. The support we share is more about listening and sharing than about giving advice. There are other meetings that happen including a land planning once every three months. We encourage visitors to join us at any of the meetings to simply listen and/or share ideas and feelings

Tools – Equipment & Dragorama:

Most tools are stored in the toolshed next to the Roost. It’s best to check with a resident before using power/motorised equipment. As you would expect to hear, when finished with using any tools please return them to their homes in the toolshed at the end of each day. Give them a clean if they’d gotten a bit grubby. Like the tools, please return drag to the shed and hang for easy access next time. If something is broken or not working let a resident know.

Fire & Smoking:

If smoking, please keep all butts and discard them in the plastic bag in the kitchen or butt box on the front deck. Smoking isn’t allowed inside any of the buildings or on the house verandah. When using the ashtrays please empty them when you can. Be aware at all times of the risk of bushfires.

Bushfire Dangers:

Anytime but especially in summer be very mindful of candles, sparklers, cigarettes and mosquito coils. Never leave them unattended. No fires in the open without checking with residents. If you see a fire report it immediately-ring the bell furiously at the back door if necessary. Grab a hose.