Radical Faeries of Australia

Faerieland Sanctuary


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Here is everything you need to know before visiting us:


The creation of a Faerie Sanctuary here in Australia was a dream for many years, especially for those who experienced the bonds created during initial visits to the US in 1979/80. The dream of having a place to share our lives together as faeries has become a reality after lots of hard work, many meetings and much fae magic.

As a community we identify with the ideals of the radical faeries, that this piece of the earth is a focus for and provides sanctuary for its residents who are stewards of that land and members of the extended community of radical faeries, their friends and family. We moved onto the property in April 2002 and since then have been expanding it’s offerings by adding accommodation, clearing weeds, planting gardens, orchards and rainforest. At times it feels like there is a mountain of things to do but we are balancing work with enjoying the beauty and magic of it all. Phase, Anand, Griffin, Spidercutie and Chameleon live on the property as full-time residents and stewards of the land.

The faerie sanctuary is always open to new residents and as a community we want to grow gradually. Getting to know future residents during visits, in living and working together on the land is an important step. We have many visitors, both locally and from overseas. Their love, support and hard work has been crucial in creating a magical “home”.  After over the past decade the feybourhood has been steadily growing. We welcome you to visit this sacred piece of the earth for the short or longer term and share in this dream of faerie community and become apart of its magic.


Faerieland is 54 hectares (134 acres) of rolling re-growth rainforests and more open land about 20 minutes north-west of Nimbin, in Northern New South Wales. There are several walks on the property: one taking you along a terrace to the back paddock, another walk to the south takes you down to Hanging Rock Creek for a dip in its cool waters. Wallabies, goannas, bandicoots, possums, snakes and a wide variety of small and large birds inhabit the land. There is a 2-bedroom house with large verandahs with marvelous views to the north & west including the Border Ranges National Park. There is an old cow bales containing Thelmas Drag Boutique and a number of cabins and vans which have been converted to living spaces for the residents and visitors. There is also the old piggery, which is undergoing renovations to become a multipurpose space.

We are working on a land use plan for the sanctuary, incorporating rainforest regeneration and permaculture ideals. These plans include more living space for both residents and visitors, an expanded kitchen, multi function studio, a sauna and meditation space. We have a few fruit orchards, several very productive veggie gardens and chook runs. Among some of the flora we have been blessed with are several adult avocado trees, macadamias, citrus, mulberry trees and now have an exciting sub-tropial orchard poking up through the cetaria grass. We have propagated enough seedlings to plant a rainforest which we have started to do, but could always use more help.


Faeries have been around forever. For Europeans, faeries were of the old religion co-opted or chased into the woods by Christianity, becoming the little people. Sounds familiar? Many queers identify with the fictionalised faerie as well as the otherness that faerie evokes. In 1979 an inaugural Spiritual Conference for Radical Fairies in the Arizona desert was held, luckily attended by one of us. Since then faeries and their friends have been gathering in that name. Faeries gather together to explore the pathways leading to our spiritual essence, to find out who we are as queer people. Most of us grew up in nuclear families. The feeling of being outside the norm was for many painful and gave many of us no choice but to develop the understanding of an outsider.

Our erotic inclinations release most of us from our duties of child rearing. Without a map we have had the chance to re-invent our lives by extending our passions in art, nature, play, work, fantasy and magic. We are gifted with difference. Radical Faeries gather around the idea that this has been going on for thousands of years in all cultures around the world. We embrace the natural world as we embrace our own sacred natures. Faeries gather in natural settings for spiritual retreats that may go for several days. Activities include camping, vegetarian feasts, rituals, walks, drumming, dance, costume, drag, stories and more. One of the central events is the heart circle, where we pass a talking stick and share our life stories, hopes, fears and visions.

Over the years, faeries have gathered for circles in cities and rural spaces throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. There are a number of faerie sanctuaries in the northern hemisphere that have been set up to provide retreat and gathering space. This has now also become a reality on this land here in Australia.


We are an intentional community open to visitors, so please feel free to come and visit and share in the spirit of the Radical Faeries. Just use our contact form to get in touch and let us know when to expect you. Any time of the year is a good time to visit. If possible bring a tent and bedding as indoor space is limited. The winters can be cool at night and depending on availability there may be indoor space. The summers can be hot and wet.

We are open to short and long term visits internships and woofing. We would like to have the chance to spend some time living together with you initially prior to offering a longer-term visit or internship. We are particularly open to new residents. This is a gradual process for the community, depending on space and resources; we are looking at growing in a gradual and organic way, not wanting to rush things. The best way to become a resident is to come as a visitor so we can get to know each other and take it from there. After visiting for a while, getting to know us and the land, and think you might want to become a resident, ask us for a copy of our entry and exit document “Boarding Starship Dodgey”!


To help cover costs we do ask for between $10 and $25 per day depending on ability to pay. This covers all food and the basics. Woofing is also available – let us know if your interested. As well, we are open to donations to help improve the facilities of the sanctuary. We also encourage financial support for the Top of the Garden, the legal entity that owns the property collectively. Supporting memberships begin at $50 a year. This will go towards improving the facilities.

Please do not bring any pets to the sanctuary. We are a wildlife sanctuary. If you are travelling with your dog or cat and want to visit we can give you details of local boarding kennels.


We are a 1.5 hour drive inland from Byron Bay, 900km north of Sydney and 200km south of Brisbane. We can send you a map if you are driving here. If you are arriving by bus, plane or train, let us know in advance and we may be able to pick you up. We ask for a pick up fee to help cover petrol costs. The closest bus stops are, coming from the north – Murwillumbah or the south- Lismore. For trains its Kyogle and airports, Lismore, Ballina/Byron or Coolangatta / Gold Coast. We also have a Facebook presence. We are happy to receive donations large and small, gifts of goods and services, to help realise our collective vision of the sanctuary. We are magically supported by the immediate and extended faerie community and could not exist without the generosity and faith of the faerie community and friends.