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At Summer Solstice Gathering 2016 there was a call to paint the exterior of the Faerie House – let’s make it happen! The old wooden weather boards need some care so that they last us many more years.
This weekend is mostly about preparation of the old walls, and then undercoating. There will be wire brushing, power-sanding, wood repairs, puttying etc. We’ll provide dust masks!
Would you come along and stay for a night…or a few…and help us out with this project?


Silent Meditation Retreat

rescheduled due to cyclon NOW 6-10TH JULYMED RETREAT 17

Enter Stillness – Radical Faerie Silent Meditation Retreat
This meditation retreat is an opportunity to spend three days as a community in silence.
Read on for details of the silent meditation retreat and how to register and pay
Thurs 6th to 10th JULY
We ask that you be prepared to come for the whole retreat, from Thursday evening (July 6th) to midday Monday (July 10th)
Venue: The Rainforest Meditation Retreat Centre, the Channon
Cost: $110 (includes food and accommodation). No one turned away for lack of funds – please email us if you need to discuss a reduced rate:
Please pay and register by Sat 1st July so we can buy food for the Retreat
Note: due to the accommodation at the Centre, numbers for this retreat are limited to 20 (12 cabin spaces; 5 tent spaces; 3 van spaces)
This is an Alcohol and Drug free retreat.
Please call Anand on 0409227147 if you have any queries.
Payment is by bank transfer – please see details on the Registration Form

When you have registered, directions to the Retreat Centre, what to bring and other details will be emailed to you.


OZFAERIES SUMMER solistice GATHERING-thur 15th to thur 22nd DECEMBER 2016





Pre Gathering Working Bee’s at Faeryland- come over and help us get the land ready for this years Gathering

But first some Gathering History…..we believe its important to remember that the Radical Faerys begun with Harry Hays call in 1978 to gay brothers everywhere to gather….


“to poet, Sufi, musician, revolutionary, shaman, heretic, community organizer, farmer, artist, healer, city dweller, Buddhist, dancer, magician, political activist, yogi—whoever you have become since the last time we came together”


  1. Dates- Thursday 15th December to Thursday 22nd December 2016
  2. Open ritual 1pm- Closing Ritual 11am
  3. Open this year to all Fey Spirited Queer Folk (QUILTBAAAGs)= (Q)ueer (U)ndecided (I)ntersex (L)esbian (T)ransgender (B)isexual (A)ndrogonous (A)sexual (A)dorable (G)ay).
  4. Come early for work week (10-14th Dec) & help us prepare for the Gathering or stay after to help clean up.
  5. Location: Faeryland Sanctuary near Nimbin Northern NSW
  6. Cost:  $150 for entire gathering, or $25/day if you’re not staying all week – no one is turned away for lack of funds so let us know what you can afford- give more if you can.
  7. To help create a more inclusive and safe space we encourage you to come for the whole week…. If this is not possible then the minimum stay is 2 nights to reduce the disruption of new people coming and going- definitely no day trips- visit us for a day at another time. No new arrivals accepted after Tuesday 20th
  8. For more info email: OR 0407891913



We strongly encourage you to pre-register

  • Registering in advance helps us plan meals and better coordinate the gathering(link to form)
  • We may limit the numbers at about 100 so don’t miss out.


Cushions! – Especially for 2016 Gathering

If travel conditions permit, please bring a large cushion or even a foam mattress you would be happy to loan or donate for the length of the gathering. They will be used in a collection of spaces we will be setting up to make lots of comfy lazy cuddling areas!

Faery Gatherings are about creating community, (re)discovering and celebrating your faery culture, sharing meals, joyful play, a faery film festivals, dancing in the moonlight, joining together in workshops, heart circles, drumming circles, magic and ritual, erotic moments, exuberant performances, mindful solitude, radical drag, soulful tears & laughter, and just hanging out and connecting more deeply with Faeries from all walks of life.  The detail, the stories, are created by you and the rest of the gatherers With so much going on, we invite you to come for the whole week if you can and truly land in this sacred space.

A willingness to pitch in. There are no paid staff at the gathering, so everyone needs to help out with a few chores each day to make the Gathering go smoothly. These include washing dishes, preparing meals, tidying and cleaning, repairs. It’s all up to us but the work becomes play when shared with your fae friends!

Support and Giving at the Gathering is something faeries manage by diffusing the lines of privileged and rank by supporting each other in a tradition of giving more if you can and less if you can’t. Gatherings are a gift to ourselves to share our bounty and everything that is done at the gathering is offered freely on a volunteer basis. In this way we are all leaders.

You may be asking yourself if any of this describes you and your intentions and “it depends” is the answer.  This is our biggest general gathering of the year. If you have more personal questions why not talk to someone who has been before, or perhaps, just jump in and see what happens.


Faeryland consists of 54 hectares(134 acres) of re-growth forest and open land and much love and care has gone into replanting the property over 14 years. Please respect our fauna and flora and ask an organizer or resident if you have any questions. Please explore the land carefully and quietly and do visit the creek or the far paddocks.

Camping either in a tent or van is only in designated areas. Greeters will direct you on arrival about where to unload. We will provide wheelbarrows for more remote campsites then return cars to parking areas. Please respect the flowers and trees and the food plants and gather gently on the land and carry out what you carry in. This includes cleaning your campsite before you depart. If you can’t camp due to special needs contact us first. There are limited indoor spaces available on a first come basis.

Food-we provide 3 delicious vegetarian meals a day which includes vegan, GF, DF and sugar free options. Bring extra treats for your other needs and please respect the food preparation areas. Everyone is encouraged to help with meal preparation by going on the roster in the kitchen so ask anytime if the meal coordinators need extra help. There will be  an allergy list in the kitchen as a way to advise cooks of your special needs.

Noisegatherings are celebratory, and sometimes they can be noisy. There is no curfew in place this year, but there will be three ‘acoustic only’ nights, and a designated quiet camping space.

Drugs & Alcohol– The main house and decks will be a drug and alcohol free zone. . Please be mindful of your use and others needs and personal journeys. We do not condone the abuse of D&A at the gathering as a way to ensure a safer space for more people. Please consider fellow faeries who are dealing with addiction or those challenged by use and behavior and please drink alcohol responsibly and remove your own waste for recycling.

Workshops/Playshops/Events/Activities come from you! – whatever is on offer at the gathering is created by the faeries who are there. Consider offering some of your talents, share you knowledge or skills, create a group to learn something new, offer a workshop or run an activity or an event. Talk to past attendees and see our list on the website of what has already been offered. Let us know if you need any assistance organizing your workshop. There will be probably a Heart Circle each day which is safe container in which faeries can feel free to speak from their hearts without concern for being judged, criticized, or given unwanted advice.

PetsFaeryland has a “no pet policy”…please leave your animal companions at home responsibly or use local boarding facilities. There are no exceptions to this rule.


a tent & tarp, sleeping bag & bedding, come prepared with drag/clothes for all climates and social conditions, a raincoat, earplugs, warm clothes for the night, brollie, a headlamp/torch, towel, arts & crafts bits, musical instruments, talent, goodies and treats, water bottle, your important medicines, sunblock, toys, insect repellant, helping hands, favorite book or movie, ideas for workshops & activities, clear intentions, mystical visions and fantastic dreams and a big heart.


We have limited indoor space for people with special needs, our rugged terrain is not completely wheelchair accessible.  There is a designated fridge for meds and there will be dedicated first aiders identified and First Aid Kits is in the bathroom.

Please call Teacosy 0407891913 with your special requirements.


We will send you a map once you register…we are 15 minutes N of Nimbin, 2 and a ½ hours S of Brisbane, 1 and a ½ hours W of Byron Bay, 1hour N of Lismore and 20 minutes E of Kyogle.

Travel Information-the Tourist Information Centers at Nimbin, Lismore and Byron Bay are very helpful so check there websites.

Arriving by Car… the last kilometer is a dirt road so please drive slowly observe speed signs to minimize dust and respect our neighbours and wildlife and other faeries. From the gate proceed to the house, unload and park and say youhooo to a greeter.

Arriving By Train/Bus– the nearest train stations are Kyogle or Casino (Syd-Brisbane Line)….interstate buses drop you at Lismore, Casino, Byron Bay and/or Murwillumbah with smaller shuttle services to Nimbin our nearest town(Trainlink NSW)

Arriving By Air–  the nearest airports are  Lismore, Ballina and the Gold Coast or Brisbane. If you contact us beforehand we may be able to line you up you with a lift.





Do you wanna explore Faerie community relationships?
Come and learn Process work
Saturday June 11th, July 9th and August 13th
10:00am – 1:00pm
Venue TBA (in Byron Bay)
Process work is one way to investigate group dynamics. Check out the link

Intention: To develop skills and awareness in group-work and community relationships while working on real life issues in our Faery community……….

The Faeries in the Northern Rivers have lots of skills and qualities that make our community unique and vibrant.
We are in a position to learn more skills together and get better at being together.

Stuff like working with conflict and diversity. Imagine a Faerie community that could open itself to the great challenges that will continue to face us living and creating together. Imagine us honing skills that would help us to create this future together.

Cost – Sliding scale $10 – $30 per session, depending on what you can afford.

Please make contact and have a chat with Phase, Anand or Beans if you’d like to attend (66897070). It’ll give us an idea of numbers, and we could talk about what to expect, car-pooling, directions to venue, more info, etc.






the next planning meeting for manifesting the gathering pavilion at Faeryland is on Saturday 20th August at Faerieland. See you at FAerieland. Where is it you ask? Faeryland.
Come along – it doesn’t matter if you missed the first meeting.
10am – bring food to share – don’t be square – no need for underwear



Hey Kitchen Faeries! Did you love Faerie Bake-Offs 2014 & 2015? Wanna help organise one this Spring? Phase needs help putting this event together to create a delightful gastro-fest on September 4th. Contact him at Faerieland if you’d like to help out. A great opportunity to contribute and be a part of event planning in our community!





Preparing for Dinner at Thelma’s Drag Boutique


A Relaxing Firebath on the Moon Meadow





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